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Monday, December 6, 2010

Beautiful Cat Beds design By Jayne

Beautiful Cat Beds design By Jayne
This beautiful cat beds handmade retro like Kittysville designed by Jayne. Your amazing work of modern design cat beds special thanks for their clients, and the result, as Kittysville Shutterfly now has an album of satisfied customers with some great pictures of kittens enjoying their beds. Some of his favorites, including Miss Jemima Puddleduck his own rest in her bed with red and white stripes.

Modern Bohemia seats designed by Patricia Urquiola

Modern Bohemia seats designed by Patricia Urquiola
The new collection of Bohemia manufacturers Moroso is uniquely designed with a modern twist on a classic. Patricia Urquiola is the designer who has had a very original classic pad, which seats a bohemian revolutionary modern look. Bohemia collection consists of a sofa, chair, chaise longue, and each created a very smooth, almost as if they were melting over their frame, creating soft, irregular, enveloping, almost casual lines, where the fabric or leather fixed to the shell with snaps.
The sofa with a shape that seems to be "wearing" a shawl thrown over his shoulders. Quilted blanket fabric where pressures to emphasize the idea of "wearing" an outfit. The seat is covered with various types of cushions, alternating layers of technical textiles and faux leather with others inspired by Mongolian rugs.

The result is a sophisticated product shows quality research in a room full of charm, with rich upholstery of different types of leather and other materials reflect a mixture of cultures and traditions, colors and techniques of textile work.

Friday, November 26, 2010

New furniture storage devices online by Paolo Piva Athos B&B Italia

New furniture storage devices online by Paolo Piva Athos B&B Italia
Reflects the spirit of the previous round Athos'05 console, this new series of storage units Athos B&B Italia has been designed with a wider range of the combination of Paolo Piva. This modern living room furniture is created in the depth units flexible and can be placed directly on the floor or hung just above ground level, both with sliding doors or drawers color. This new series of storage units is to allow many variations in size, are capable of forming the base of the console by the element arranged close together or scattered. The base storage units can be used singly or in pairs, or adapted to a camera with double doors suspended at a height of 108.5 cm or 144 cm, which is distinguished by the directors of all the typical elements Athos.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Modern Design kitchen renovation ideas

Modern Design  kitchen
 American architect Nils Finne recently celebrated its new contemporary kitchen after a kitchen renovation smart traditional Tudor home located in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle. In general, the kitchen brings a fresh new spirit to a house built in 1927. In fact, the kitchen starts a conversation between the old house, traditional and modern new space. This new kitchen, modern design has been reorganized to create a very simple and continuous which is occupied by intensely designed cabinets, counters and equipment. By using high quality materials such as steel, walnut wood, limestone, textured Alaska yellow cedar, and seaweed are used in juxtaposition, allowing everyone to benefit from adjacent material texture and color contrasts .

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

decorating ideas for children's play room (BYBY)

children's play room (BYBY)
The Mimolimit presented their design fantastic playroom for children called Byby which is more than creative concept for children and their parents. The concepts were intended to satisfy the customer and their children, creating one unique pieces and spaces that are organic, honest, nice and cool. design company has been using the legend Mimolimit sophisticated crossing cultural boundaries and elegant use of unexpected materials in unique ways. You take a look at some pictures below and get your nursery designer mood to design playroom for your child, have fun ....!

decorating ideas for the Korean Style Furniture Bedroom Sets

the Korean Style Furniture Bedroom Sets
Home is the place to keep out the rain and wind, each house has a different style of its decoration, but the hearts desire for a warm and comfortable home and beautiful are the same, and as the bedroom .... ? The bedroom is a place where people come to rest after strenuous all day, and each room is furnished with different furniture. Here I show a magical ideas bedroom decorating Korean style bedroom furniture set that not only elegant but also functional. Visit any image below and get ideas for decorating your own.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Home Interiors

Home Interior Warehouse is an American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Industry Partner and a member of the Home Builders Association of Livingston County. We are a resource center for independent interior designers and builders. We offer a comfortable environment where you can bring your clients to review product selections and fabric choices. We'll treat you and your clients so well; you'll almost forget you're working! (Sign up for our Insider's Club email program to receive important updates, savings and program information)

Commercial office interior design and furniture. The look of your office sends a strong message to your clients, suppliers and employees. Our team of talented interior designers is ready to help make your corporate office look its best. Our team has an extensive portfolio of small office designs to a police headquarters major renovation. We will work within your budget to provide the best in furniture, artwork, florals and accessories for a coordinated look.

This is the best Place on Earth to find Interior Design,and decorating Ideas...

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