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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

decorating ideas for children's play room (BYBY)

children's play room (BYBY)
The Mimolimit presented their design fantastic playroom for children called Byby which is more than creative concept for children and their parents. The concepts were intended to satisfy the customer and their children, creating one unique pieces and spaces that are organic, honest, nice and cool. design company has been using the legend Mimolimit sophisticated crossing cultural boundaries and elegant use of unexpected materials in unique ways. You take a look at some pictures below and get your nursery designer mood to design playroom for your child, have fun ....!

decorating ideas for the Korean Style Furniture Bedroom Sets

the Korean Style Furniture Bedroom Sets
Home is the place to keep out the rain and wind, each house has a different style of its decoration, but the hearts desire for a warm and comfortable home and beautiful are the same, and as the bedroom .... ? The bedroom is a place where people come to rest after strenuous all day, and each room is furnished with different furniture. Here I show a magical ideas bedroom decorating Korean style bedroom furniture set that not only elegant but also functional. Visit any image below and get ideas for decorating your own.